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Super Cold and WarmAir Radiator
    Publish time 2019-09-05 13:32    

The traditional heat exchange unit is guaranteed for one year and our company for three years

Super cold and warm air radiator:

1.Using Huayuan Holdings Military to Civil High Efficiency Heat Exchange Patented Technology, a great invention to subvert the global radiator technology. According to the authoritative test of Beijing institute of technology, the heat exchange efficiency is 20% higher than that of the best heat exchanger in the market. The destructive test proves that the compressive strength of finned tube exceeds 7 MPa, while the water pressure of tap water is only 0.3 Mpa.

2.After three years of rigorous testing by the National Defense Equipment, in addition to the first advantage, its appearance strength is five times that of the traditional one, even with foot stamping, there is no damage.

3.High pressure air and high-pressure water gun can be used to clean the heat exchanger part to maintain high heat exchange efficiency. The traditional heat exchanger cannot be touched by hand, nor can it be cleaned by the above way. The heat exchange efficiency decreases obviously after the heat exchanger is blocked and ash deposited.

4.Ultra-thin design, intelligent temperature control system. It is lightweight and heating speed is several times higher than the traditional radiator.

5. Advanced ultra-quiet low-power fan, only 0.5 KWH a day.

6.The service life is three times that of similar products, with higher cost performance, and is the best alternative to household and commercial heaters.

7.Wall mounted, no sanitary blind corner. Pipeline connection is located in the right side cover of the cold and warm air radiator, without exposed pipe components, beautiful and generous.

8.Open the side cover and connect the circulation to the hot water pipe. Refrigeration only needs to be equipped with condensate drainage.