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Super Heat Economizer
    Publish time 2018-11-01 13:22    

With a set of 900,000 CAL boiler calculation, smoke exhaust temperature at 160℃. By lowering the temperature of the energy-saving device to 100℃, it can save about 130,000 yuan a year

Super Heat Economizer

1.Using military efficient heat exchange patent technology, subversion of global management energy saving device technology products.

2.Adopt super heat conduction and corrosion resistant material alloy material, heat transfer efficiency is 5 times of traditional energy saving device.

3.The economizer has one, two, three and other multi module heat exchange core groups. The heat exchange module in each unit is designed to be drawer type, which can be replaced and opened for maintenance.

4.Users can increase and reduce the heat transfer unit by multiple connections according to the demand. The minimum exhaust smoke temperature is close to the inlet water temperature, and the efficiency exceeds 100%.