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Champion 2020 Biomass Boiler
    Publish time 2018-11-01 13:03    

Specification: 300,000 kcal - 6.0 million kcal

Suitable fuel: straw, rice husk, peanut shell and other serious coking particles and wood particles (pressing, slicing)

Champion 2020 series

Applicable fuel: wood, straw and other coking biomass particles, compacting block (optional)

The world's first boiler to solve the problem of scale and smoke scale comes from China's innovation.

1. Super long service life: the service life is increased by more than 5 times, solving the investment of customers' short-term repeated replacement of boilers, and the second-hand boilers continue to be used for a long time with low depreciation.

2. Super energy saving: when the thermal efficiency decreases rapidly and the energy consumption increases substantially, only need to replace the heat exchange core group. It recovers in half an hour.

3. Strong output: the same model is more than 5% higher than the traditional type’s output.

4. No worries in the whole process: full modular, any part is damaged, easy replacement, customers do not need to worry about the furnace problems.

5. Multiple applications: now we use biomass fuel, which can be changed into gas (oil) furnace after changing the burner, to meet the special needs of customers.

6. Easy maintenance: no longer need to clean the boiler pipe. Open the cabinet door to purge easily. Even if the scale is serious, it can be easily removed and replaced or cleaned by high-pressure water gun.

7. Diversified installation: the pipeline system can be installed according to the demand DIY, the clean hot water can be directly produced, or the diversified demand can be met.

8. Fast work: like a domestic water heater, it can produce hot water quickly, and no longer need to heat a full boiler like a traditional boiler to waste energy, so as to save energy all the time.

9. Mobile Internet: standard Internet of Things technology enables users to remotely monitor the operation status of boilers, understand the operation parameters, and use them safely and conveniently. One key start and stop, automatic ignition and other functions at the mobile terminal.

10. Control system: standard touch screen intelligent control system. Independently developed the sixth generation of control software, which can record the operation history through the database, facilitate customers to understand the operation status of the boiler, and timely adjust the boiler to the most energy-saving status. (some functions are optional)

11. Intelligent mode (optional): when the boiler runs to the process intelligent big fire, medium fire or small fire mode, it can also realize the intelligent matching between the blower and induced draft fan and the fire power, which is more energy-saving.

12. System Patrol Inspection (optional): detect the operation status of electrical appliances such as running current, automatically calculate the operation status of motor and other components, and automatically remind maintenance.